How Your DUI Attorney Will Help Win Your Case in Court

Greensboro DUI AttorneyGetting an arrest for DUI is a serious matter, and the sooner you get an attorney on the case the better chance you have at not having to pay for this incident for the rest of your life. The fines and the penalties associated with a DUI/DWI case are serious, and not only are you going to be negatively impacted financially for several years, you may even lose the ability to earn a living as a result.

Before you even consider trying to go to the court to plead on your own behalf, listen to all the reasons from an experienced Greensboro DUI attorney  about why you must be working with a skilled DWI attorney who has your best interests at heart. For more info visit them at

The first thing that your DUI attorney will do is collect evidence in the case. This means reaching out to the local police department to get a copy of the video made the evening of your arrest before it is destroyed. That video can reveal key pieces of information that could open the door for a possible dismissal of your case.

Your attorney is going to carefully watch that video and determine if your rights were upheld by the arresting officer during the entire process. You have certain rights that not only need to be read to you during the arrest, but must be upheld by that officer while testing and transporting you.

The video is going to reveal exactly which devices or field tests were used to determine your sobriety level. These test and equipment are all the key to the case, so the officer not only has to administer them correctly, they need to explain why these were used over other options available.

Your attorney is going to put the arresting officer on the stand and get a better understanding as to why they tested you in the manner they did. The lawyer will also have information about how this officer has performed in the past with the same devices, and will question them about calibration and usage if errors were detected in the past.

All your DUI attorney has to do is determine if the officer made a mistake, because then all the evidence in the case is tainted. If your attorney can get to this point, the courts will have no choice but to toss that evidence and you will have an easier time beating the case.

Now you should at least see why you must be working with a skilled DUI attorney as your court date fast approaches.